Fresh website

Working for a digital agency as a developer is great, it really is. I do miss stretching my design muscles though, and I do want to get to grips with javascript better, so I’ve set myself the task of creating a new portfolio website. What I want most of all is for all of the information I want to display to be immediate, but I want to try and present it will enough to not need the feeling of ‘web pages’ and navigation. After all, all that a porfolio site should have is your work, a bit of information about yourself (including any twitter/whatever feeds that are relevant) and a link to your CV. Everything needs to feel categorised and exactly in it’s right place… I’m tempted to use Drupal, which is my current favourite toy, but I don’t need anything especially complicated and I’ve got enough Drupal projects going on at work…

Well with any luck now I’ve made a blog post about it I’ll start setting myself real deadlines and get this show on the road!

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