2 days till hand-in

Is it an idiotic idea to add a seperate framed portrait painting to encompass Cezanne’s long grey beard in the artist profiles bit of my documentation (at the moment they are all headshots, but a seperate painting could very easily go underneath Cezanne’s head for his beard!), or is it the best idea I’ve ever had and one of great genius whose like we shall never see again? I think writing for the past 4 days solid has either driven me insane or brought out the da Vinci in me. Or both!

Oh also, I love writing evaluations

Edit 3 hours later: I hate writing evaluations

Edit many many hours later: No really. And another thing :

“temporarily collapsing boundaries between subject and object, interior and exterior, self and world – in order to facilitate a refreshing change of perception, thereby potentially resensitizing participants to the extraordinariness of being alive, sentient, and embodied, here now, among all this, briefly immersed in the flow of life through space and time.”

Who would have thought it was possible to use 8 commas in a block of text like that without the idea of anything so frivolous as, oh, I don’t know, a full stop maybe springing to mind. Man. (Not my writing by the way, it’s in one of the books I’m trying to decipher). My poor beautiful english, raped by pompous academics 🙁