Bastion, Tales of Monkey Island and Okami

I’ve been having a video gaming spurt lately, partly because SOMEONE is obsessed with mario kart wii (and if I play any more mario kart I might explode… or turn into a plumber on a bike, one of the two.).

First was Bastion, which made having my wisdom teeth out almost worthwhile. It has a fantastic storyline and I really loved the narrator and the music and the atmosphere and the gameplay. In fact, atmospherically, it’s one of the most memorable games I’ve played I think. And generally it was a whole load of fun to play.

I played the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island, which is doing a pretty decent job of filling the illustrious footsteps of the former games, but isn’t quite as funny to me. The others were madder somehow, you know? Somehow when games get bigger, I don’t know, maybe it’s because more money and effort is invested in them or something, but they tend to take less chances on crazy humour, which is what made Monkey Island for me.

And now I’m playing Okami, which I LOVE. No shortage of madness there, as the guy who posted this youtube video┬ásays, what’s more fun than watching an old guy with an orange on his head breakdance? Hurrah for Japan! I also really like the fact that the wolf you play as is a Lady Wolf, not a Dude Wolf, and a lot of the main characters are Ladies (and pretty damn cool Ladies too). I think there aren’t enough female protagonists in the gaming world.

I realise that I’m generally pretty positive in my gaming reviews, but I think it’s because I research games really really carefully before I play them, because I just can’t be bothered spending all that time and money if I don’t know if I’ll like them or not – books and tv series and films I can be a bit less picky about trying, cus they don’t take up that much time or money and nearly no mental effort is expended with them. My MSc is sort of draining my brain at the moment, so I’m feeling particularly lazy about thinking type stuff. In fact this post only exists because I’m procrastinating, trying to put finishing my essay off.

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