Best Renaissance stage direction that doesn’t involve bears and exiting pursued by them?

It’s just GOT to be “He gets into a large tortoise-shell.”. Buahaha.

In slightly related news, I have stopped trying to read old english in the office when I am in a giggly mood (The canterbury tales [God bless the Gutenberg Project!], my brother and I used to listen to it as we went to sleep off a vinyl we got from the library – RETRO COOL GUYS, RETRO). It’s so immature, but when you feel like laughing already and you read:

“Of fustian he weared a gipon*,
Alle *besmotter’d with his habergeon,* ”

You just can’t help burst out laughing.

Oh, and while I’m at it, why don’t more text/code editors have split-screen options like jEdit? SciTE has a weird kind of thing a bit like it I guess, but it would make lots of sense for dreamweaver and other programs to have it as a function. I’ve needed to compare things loads of times.

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