Rukaya1: So, Ruby is a pretty awesome language huh?

Rukaya2 (brightly): Yeah definitely! Anybody curious should definitely check out Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby which is undoubtedly the best learner’s tutorial/introduction to a language I’ve come across.

Rukaya1: So, we’re trying to write a stuff in it, and one of the reasons we love it is because it lets us manipulate arrays and strings SO much more easily than php?

Rukaya2: That’s right, Rukaya1! Also, unrelatedly, we think everyone should make today the day to try and work in the sentence ‘Hey dudes, let’s tilt at those windmills like there’s no tomorrow!’ to something they write today.

Rukaya1 (chuckling): Now THERE’S a challenge, and we need them now seeing as Ruby has made life so easy!

Jingle plays and curtain goes down

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