The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Finished TP last night finally! As soon as I finished I felt very sad and at a bit of a loss for about half an hour (those post-game blues… everyone knows them right?) and then I loaded my last save and went and did all the last subquests I’d ignored because I wanted to save princess zelda. Obviously not collecting all the Poes or anything, cus that would just be insane, and not collecting all the bugs either. The final bit of the ending with Midna leaving didn’t really work for me, but I liked watching Link finally get to go home and peacefully herd goats and whatnot.

It’s a great game. Midna’s an awesome character. I want more now but it sucks that games like that take so long to develop.

Edit: It seems that folks on the internet think that Link was riding away from the village, not back home at all, to a new adventure. I could have sworn he was heading the right way back though. Hm…

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