3D modelling

I’ve finally finished my 3D modelling assignment, hurrah!

Description: You are required to create a 3D model of a shop/store front either from your imagination of from an example front from a shop/store from reality.

We also had to make a flyby to show it off. I’ve included a small version of this in the ‘Major Projects’ section.

I had tonnes of ideas for different camera angles, more hats, even greebling a city round it. I wanted to try and do water, and grass to go round my trees in their pots instead of a boring ground texture. It could have been a lot better. It was SO much fun to do though, I’ll probably go back to it in a week or so and finish it off properly (definitely would sync up the animation and music better!).

I’ve learnt a lot more than the basic stuff I knew about 3DSM from going to the imaging labs. I’ve followed different tutorials and discovered many of the tools on my own. I feel confident with the package, although I have a lot more to learn. I’ve found from this assignment that I do really enjoy 3D modelling (except maybe the panic of getting everything rendered properly), and I absolutely love creating and editing textures for different maps to make a really nice object.

0 thoughts on “3D modelling

  1. ray

    Velly velly nice.

    The music reminds me of an orechesrated Mario cd I have, and on that note; the tower in the middle of the shop, with its stained glass window, reminds me a whole lot of the castle from Mario 64.

    I have fat Italian plumbers on the brain…



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