hmm well……

We got the design practice (Make A Difference) assignments back today.

I didn’t actually get that bad a mark for it, ended up with a C which is more than I think I deserve, although Leon’s comments confused me a great deal and made me feel as if he hadn’t actually looked through it properly, so I might go have a talk with him about that if I can muster the enthusiasm.

That’s the problem, enthusiasm. I seem to be completely lacking in it for anything lately; really need to sort that out.

2 thoughts on “hmm well……

  1. nungee

    i just have to smile after reading your last sentence. because that’s exactly what i though about myself a little while ago.
    it’s about enthusiasm. we will find it again. i am sure about that.
    and concerning the ‘mad ass’: i really hope that mine is not worse then a C.

  2. Administrator Post author

    I’m sure yours won’t be, mine was especially bad. From what I’ve seen of what you’ve done, you couldn’t do worse even if you set out to do so!


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