Development and domestic duties

Cleaning, tidying up and programming all give me the same feeling of satisfaction, stimulation and general well-being. If I’m given a load of disorganised cupboards/difficult requirements/messy data/dirty socks & general chaos, my fingers itch and itch and my brain buzzes. I can’t rest until it’s all done. And in all of these cases, I find if I’m made to do them quickly or half heartedly I lose all sense of enjoyment from it. If I don’t have the leisure to comment neatly, use a toothbrush on ingrained dirt, think about my classes and functions or dust the cupboards corners and line them with paper, then really, what’s the point in doing it at all?

When you sit back and see your beautiful neat kitchen with everything in it’s optimal place, or your beautiful bit of code which works exactly as it should and is neatly commented with a nice consistent naming convention for variables/classes/functions, don’t you feel a warm glow? This is what life is about my friends.

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