Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth

In the wake of the stress and flurry of handing in the second draft of my thesis, I have treated myself to finishing A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. I really enjoyed the novel, and I don’t really think it was overly long despite everyone complaining about it. Am I the only person who quite likes long novels? I could happily have sunk into that world for another thousand pages or so! The writing style reminded me a little of RK Narayan, maybe in my head I just associate the two because of their nationality though.

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Three months of adventure, penguins, tinned food and no showers on the incredible Nightingale Island

Late last year I had the privilege of collecting field data for my Conservation Biology MSc thesis on Nightingale Island. I kind of shot myself in the foot a bit with that because it meant I had 3 months less time to write up than all of my classmates. I have little to no experience writing up scientific papers, and although I have good writing skills in general I’ve learned that scientific writing is a peculiar beast which requires weeks of sweat, blood and tears (oh, so many tears!) to wrestle into submission for those who have not encountered it before. I’ve had to get an extension for my write-up – I am very lucky that my supervisors are so kind, supportive and helpful – but living on Nightingale and working with the penguins was worth all of the trouble a thousand times over.

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