Monthly Archives: February 2012

Fighting with Vim

So, the whole point of Vim is that it’s supposed to be easy  and require as few keystrokes as possible to make stuff happen, right? Well, isn’t it odd that simply saving your work requires double the number of keystrokes that it does in notepad++ or whatever text editor? The nervous tic, the repetitive twitch of the fingers to ctrl+s every few minutes whenever you stop to look over what you’ve typed is universal. So shift + ; and then w and then enter, vs ctrl+s? What’s with that! Weiiiiiiird.

Anyway, here’s a tutorial on how to do a quick key map for ctrl+s

Complex workflows and multiple authors for Drupal nodes

A very common scenario: You have several users with different specialities who need to write nodes for your website. You have their colleagues who want to be able to comment on whatever they have written. Their supervisors wish to be able to look over their work before it gets passed through to your dedicated web editor/publisher. Individual users want their own task managers with only the pages related to them (in their capacity as author, viewer or approver), and their current tasks listed.

Oddly enough, this seems to be rather difficult to achieve with Drupal. There’s a Workflow module which lets you do something similar with user roles, but associating individual users with individual nodes is not something that’s intuitive using Drupal. Continue reading