Monthly Archives: December 2011

WordPress 3.3

This blog has recently been updated from WordPress 1.something to 3.3. I’ve got to say, the new WordPress interface really is lovely, makes me realise why so many people complain when they move from WordPress to Joomla or Drupal. Besides looking stylish it’s also very well organised, and I think that being able to install plugins in 1 click is a massive bonus, as is the ‘autosave’ function.

And I’m very impressed by the default 2011 theme which I’m using. I feel a bit uneasy about the MASSIVE amount of whitespace up near the header, plus the huge header image – I guess above-the-fold space no longer is the precious commodity it once was. It’s a responsive design though, so at least it degrades nicely for smaller screens.

To celebrate, here is a  cat attacking a paper bag:

South African Banks & Standard Bank

I really miss my bank in the UK. Sure they hassled me about keeping my address up to date and changing my local bank branch, but they were really good at fraud prevention and their services, in retrospect, were fantastic. The interest on my current account might not have been great, but at least it was there.

In South Africa, banks charge you for depositing money in your account and they charge you for withdrawing money from your account. They charge you for leaving money in your account and not doing anything to it and they charge you for telephone banking. They charge you for writing a cheque and they charge you for checking your balance. They charge you for internet banking. They charge you even more if you use an ATM which doesn’t belong to your bank (and honestly, the ATMs are often out of order). They don’t do anything so pernicious as giving you interest for the money you give them (current account) – no, getting your money is them doing you a favour, and they’ll make damn sure they charge you through the nose for it. Continue reading