Monthly Archives: October 2008

Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua

Well, a lot has happened, but here´s a quick rundown:
I realised quite early on that I couldn´t afford to do the TEFL course in Costa Rica as everything was much MUCH more expensive than I thought it would be, so instead I did 2 weeks in a spanish language school and then I set off for Nicaragua with a friend I had made in the school – Anna, a german girl.

In Nicaragua I visited a few places, but I enjoyed Grenada and Leon the most. In Leon I got to sandboard down a live volcano and in Grenada the hostel I stayed in really was something special.

Anna and I headed back down through Costa Rica along the Caribbean coast to Panama, where we stayed in Bocas del Toro for a few nights. We went to David after that, and stayed in a little town in the mountains near there called Boquete (or something, I might be spelling it wrong).

Anna headed to Panama City after that but I went to a turtle liberation instead with an Israeli guy called Tom who we had made friends with and travelled with for a short while. After that I headed back to CR.

I´m currently in San Jose waiting for Gavin and Verity! I guess the only reason I have actually bothered making this post is that I am pretty bored and want to distract myself! It hardly seems necessary anyway as all my friends know what I am doing already and have seen the pictures, so I suppose this is in essence just a record for anybody from the industry interested in what I did in the 3 months I took off post-graduation to travel.

One of the coolest things on my trip so far, helping those little baby turtles off on their way to the sea!