Monthly Archives: April 2008

last assignment for this course ever now handed in!

And it sucks, but never mind. I used to love 3d, I’m not too sure where it went wrong there. I think 3d is going to be my weakest module this year (ie, the one which I drop) in a crazy turnaround from last year where I’m pretty sure it was my strongest. I don’t think it’s quite clicked yet that that was the last ever assignment and there’ll never be any more. Oh I hate inelegant sentences like that (with “that that”). It’s weird how we contract it when we say it though – “th’t that”. It’s probably incorrect but whatever, I’m too tired to care. And why am I tired? Because my irresponsible good for nothing housemate had me up all night watching battlestar galactica AGAIN, and Rob if you’re reading this stop it and get back to your bloody revision.

Why do they ruin perfectly good delicious mushroom risottos by putting chicken in it? Microwaved chicken is a sin against god and should not exist on this earth.

The Wire

I watched the final season of The Wire a few weeks ago and I really wish I hadn’t. I keep hunting down youtube videos and listening to the OST a lot to try and get over it but I just can’t.

I think my favourite characters were Omar and Bubbles oh and Stringer Bell. I also started really liking Snoop in season 5 and Frank Sobotka was amazing too. McNulty was awesome, and Bunk. And Kima and Namond and Prez. If I continue I’m just going to list the whole cast actually, so I guess… The only character I really disliked was Ziggy, even Scott Templeton didn’t come close to him and boy was he ever a dick. Omar broke my heart into a million little pieces and whenever I think of Bubbles I can’t help but smile. I’m fascinated by Stringer and his complexities… Even when I was kind of annoyed with him and railing against him his faults rubbed me raw so when something flipped and I loved him again it was so painful and sweet. I got very attached to him I suppose. Oh the characters. The themes and ideas the show explores are great and stuff, the plots are wonderful don’t get me wrong, but it’s the characters that made this show for me. And I have to stop typing now because I want to hand my 3d in tomorrow.

Actually I take it back, even though I personally didn’t like Ziggy, I still think his character was really interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody with that kind of detachment from the world and complete lack of responsibility but I suppose they must exist.


Continues to not go well. The phrase “social sciences” makes me want to rip my own eyeballs out whenever I read it. I got exactly two paragraphs into some notes on project management and although I managed the first paragraph which talked about the ridiculous “scientific” conditions they conducted their precious little “experiments” under, it was finally the use of the word “astonishing” in describing the findings of the Hawthorne studies that made me punch the wall and hurt my wrist. Excuse the melodrama!! And the excessive exclamation marks!!! I can’t go on without venting!!!!!!!

Why does this stuff even exist. I am so not cut out to be a manager. It’s making me almost wince, the thought of having to spend hours and hours getting to know this material better.