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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The movement of the Prince is fluid and effortless – the first few battles I was just constantly jumping and backflipping over people and then spinning round to knife them, just because it was so much fun to watch. Getting through to slightly harder battles and it’s even more enjoyable, trying to think tactically about it. Oh, and being able to slow/turn back time is pretty damn cool as well.

I love the way it’s being told as a story, it gives a totally new take on checkpoints and dying (“No, no, that’s not what happened. I didn’t fall there. Let me start again.”), and so far the plot is pretty interesting as well.

I remember when my brother and I found the very first prince of persia on an old floppy, and oh how we struggled to get even past the dungeon levels. Back then I was really impressed by Prince’s movement as well, it seems to be their trademark to make the character animation beautiful.

It feels pretty weird going back to being restrained by a normal controller though, instead of the freedom of the wii remote but it’s worth it. Can’t wait for Resident Evil 4, which is released in a few days time, but chances are I’ll play it briefly and then go back to Prince of Persia.

Edit 04 July : Boy was I wrong, Resi Evil has me hooked. Bit of a scary game though…

Women in art

500 years of female portraits in the west

Absolutely beautiful and fascinating and incredibly memorising. There’s something so intimate about the way their eyes move and catch the viewer’s gaze. Reading the youtube comments was slightly depressing ( this xkcd comic captures it perfectly) but hey that’s the internet for you. Full of awesome stuff, but also full of depressingly unsophisticated ingenues who do things like leap onto the “OMG THIS PROVES MODERN ART IS BS” bandwagon.

Weird memory

My memory is quite odd. I recall for example the exact size and shape and content of the table i was sticking a drop shadow around yesterday evening at work, but I can’t for the life of me remember for which client it was, or whether it was an internal project or what. I can’t remember the name or anything. And pretty soon the memory of what I did will fade as well, so by tomorrow I wouldn’t be able to tell you even that it was a table I was working on, never mind anything else.

Wednesday evening I went to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but due to various complicated events I ended up having to hang around in borders in Angel for an hour. Oh, oh, a quick tangent – why is it the Anthony Trollope book I really really want to read is £15, and the one I’m not fussed about is £1.99? I asked the counter dude, but he said that it’s only the really popular classics that get mass-printed and cheaply priced. I’m not sure I approve really, people should be encouraged to read all the classics not just the super popular ones. Barbican library doesn’t have a copy of it either.

Anyway, I passed the kids section and saw a copy ofthe Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton – idly opened it on a random page, and I realised they’d changed the girl’s name “Fanny” to “Franny”. Because, like, of course kids are going to… what? It means something else in this day and age, but not to children. It’s just a name, for goodness sake.

The longwinded point I’m making is that I can remember a character’s name from a book which I read … hmmm… must be about 15 years ago now – in perfect detail, and yet I can’t remember, for example, what I did at work the day before yesterday. Why is this?