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And faster than a New York minute, digg redeems itself

rob gonsalves

So, after dissing digg in my last post, I found something which made me remember why it’s still worthwhile to go over all the interesting looking links on there anyway.

Rob Gonsalves‘ art is awesomely cool. The style reminds me of Magritte’s, but the pictures themselves are very Escher-like. Critically, I’d say they were lacking the palpable air of menace or tension that the surrealists have, but his technique is beautiful and the ideas he comes up with are very creative. They’re well worth a look at if you like Escher‘s eye-watering artistic concoctions, at any rate.

Oh Digg, those crazy things you do…

Digg: Would you like to read this article on Kevin Rose?
Rukaya: No, I’m good. Unless it contains pictures of him in a state of deshabille of course.
Digg: How about the top 8 reasons girls love geeks?
Rukaya: Ummm, No, I don’t thi-
Digg: Or 25 CSS tips every web designer should use?
Rukaya: Well, I –
Digg [with increasing desperation]: Ok ok, how about some random article involving sex in some way?
Rukaya: Actually, I’ve kinda gotta head off no-
Digg [frantically]: The top 10 reasons Steve Jobs plays on his nintendo while using these 5 design hints on his website which is hosted using these tips which come in some arbitrary bite sized chunks because my readers have the attention span of a very bored gnat?
Rukaya: No! Geez, Digg, you’re kinda boring aren’t you?
Digg: Aha! I just know you’ll be interested in these MOST AMAZING photos which incidentally have been around from the dawn of the internet and aren’t really all that great!
Rukaya [loudly] : NO! God!
Digg [ignoring her and reading from a list]: Ok, the top 10 causes of most of the headaches in America: #1 reading the crap on dig-
Rukaya [with a look of disbelief]: I’m leaving now.


Best Renaissance stage direction that doesn’t involve bears and exiting pursued by them?

It’s just GOT to be “He gets into a large tortoise-shell.”. Buahaha.

In slightly related news, I have stopped trying to read old english in the office when I am in a giggly mood (The canterbury tales [God bless the Gutenberg Project!], my brother and I used to listen to it as we went to sleep off a vinyl we got from the library – RETRO COOL GUYS, RETRO). It’s so immature, but when you feel like laughing already and you read:

“Of fustian he weared a gipon*,
Alle *besmotter’d with his habergeon,* ”

You just can’t help burst out laughing.

Oh, and while I’m at it, why don’t more text/code editors have split-screen options like jEdit? SciTE has a weird kind of thing a bit like it I guess, but it would make lots of sense for dreamweaver and other programs to have it as a function. I’ve needed to compare things loads of times.


Rukaya1: So, Ruby is a pretty awesome language huh?

Rukaya2 (brightly): Yeah definitely! Anybody curious should definitely check out Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby which is undoubtedly the best learner’s tutorial/introduction to a language I’ve come across.

Rukaya1: So, we’re trying to write a stuff in it, and one of the reasons we love it is because it lets us manipulate arrays and strings SO much more easily than php?

Rukaya2: That’s right, Rukaya1! Also, unrelatedly, we think everyone should make today the day to try and work in the sentence ‘Hey dudes, let’s tilt at those windmills like there’s no tomorrow!’ to something they write today.

Rukaya1 (chuckling): Now THERE’S a challenge, and we need them now seeing as Ruby has made life so easy!

Jingle plays and curtain goes down