Monthly Archives: December 2006

Those Special Moments

I’ve had another one of those moments where it’s almost as if I can see what I thought to be quite a nice fairly far away boundary of a horizon suddenly lift up and stretch away until it completely disappears.

So, Actionscript can be controlled using javascript, who’d have thought it? I despise both languages, but I’ve had to use quite a lot of them both lately and the possibilities of what I could do with them together seem endless. I love these kind of moments when I really believe I can do anything… That’s what Internet Explorer and bugs are for, to bring us coders and designers back down to earth. Heavens knows what it’d be like otherwise, we’d probably be all so light headed we’d run around with no clothes on and FREEZE TO DEATH.

(Yeah I know probably everyone in the world except me was weaned on fscommand and has done a million things with it already, give me a break I can’t know about everything!)


I got mine over the weekend, and my god it’s beautiful. Beautifully designed, beautiful interface, even the wiimote and nunchuck are beautiful. Tiny but perfect in every way. Zelda almost disappointed me by its similarity to the Ocarina of Time (but of course this didn’t stop me playing it for 10 hours over the weekend, not a bad feat considering I was too hungover to even move all of saturday till about 4). It’s so wonderfully Zelda though, and Wolf!Link is amazing to play as. I don’t know how they’ve managed to make the controls feel more powerful when you’re a wolf, but they did it somehow and it feels so natural.
So yeah, it’s amazing.