Monthly Archives: July 2006

Wii console news

Exciting news! The wii will have software based on the OS platform linux. This has surprised me a bit, but just made me look forward to the release even more. I love nintendo and I think they might just have struck gold with the whole concept and principles underlying the wii. I even like the name, and I know most people absolutely loathe it. It’s quirky and fun and easy to remember and it really does look iconic.

Looking forward to Twilight Princess as well, man that game is gonna rock.


Yes! At last all that hard work has been rewarded most richly. I’m on track for a first, getting As in all my subjects apart from Design practice (got a B). I knew I wouldn’t manage to get an A in design practice after the flop that was the first project for a whopping 40%. I’m so very very pleased.

Now I just need to think up an amazing 3rd year project idea in time for whoever is going to be my tutor on this placement year and then I’ll have my first!

Reuben Kee

I’ve liked Reuben Kee’s music for a long time, especially his remixes. I discovered him through OCRemix and his remixed Shenmue piece. I love all the pieces he’s submitted to OCRemix, but recently I’ve discovered his original singles and albums are gems as well.

If you’re bored and like piano pieces (as most of them are) then you should definitely listen to a few and see what you think. (But don’t you bother, Stuart, you’d hate it).

Oh, and here’s a lovely video about the crazy things kittens do. Awww, sweetness.