Monthly Archives: March 2006

3D modelling results

Amazingness! It’s sunny for the first time in what feels like weeks and when I woke this morning and saw it I thought I might explode with happiness. Still absolutely freezing but nevermind.

I went to see a very interesting film called Tsotsi yesterday with Dalip. It’s an Acadamy award winner – the best foreign film of the year apparently, made in South Africa. It certainly was very good, and it was very strange hearing colloquial Afrikaans again, with all the slang I can remember using when I lived there. I could actually still understand it, which surprised me a great deal. It was mainly in Xhosa from what I can tell (which I only briefly studied for a year) but it often swapped to Afrikaans and sometimes English too. Oh yeah, and the music rocked.

We got our 3D modelling results back yesterday too, even more excitement! I’m very pleased with my grade of 83%, a nice strong A, but less pleased with the feedback. There were 1 word or 2 word comments on each section, and the 3 word comments made absolutely no sense.

What on earth does “Composition of 3D set: basic extensively discussed” mean? And why is he just seemingly marking us on talking about it, instead of the actual way I chose to compose it, and all the planning that went into it? It’s weird.

Another one is the conclusion: “Acceptable extensively conclusion” – anyone?

Oh dear

Zenphoto seems to have broken 🙁 I can’t upload stuff using it again, which means I’m going to have to go and try and remember which files I had to edit to get it working in the first place… Oh dear oh dear oh dear…

On top of that, I’ve got an important presentation I have to give to Dare tomorrow, Leon’s stage 3 on wednesday, and a presentation to give to Brian Morris on Friday, and an interview with a company called BeProfessional on the next Monday. There’s more after that, but I think it illustrates just how scarce my free time is again, considering I have assignments to do as well.

3D modelling

I’ve finally finished my 3D modelling assignment, hurrah!

Description: You are required to create a 3D model of a shop/store front either from your imagination of from an example front from a shop/store from reality.

We also had to make a flyby to show it off. I’ve included a small version of this in the ‘Major Projects’ section.

I had tonnes of ideas for different camera angles, more hats, even greebling a city round it. I wanted to try and do water, and grass to go round my trees in their pots instead of a boring ground texture. It could have been a lot better. It was SO much fun to do though, I’ll probably go back to it in a week or so and finish it off properly (definitely would sync up the animation and music better!).

I’ve learnt a lot more than the basic stuff I knew about 3DSM from going to the imaging labs. I’ve followed different tutorials and discovered many of the tools on my own. I feel confident with the package, although I have a lot more to learn. I’ve found from this assignment that I do really enjoy 3D modelling (except maybe the panic of getting everything rendered properly), and I absolutely love creating and editing textures for different maps to make a really nice object.