Monthly Archives: December 2005

hmm well……

We got the design practice (Make A Difference) assignments back today.

I didn’t actually get that bad a mark for it, ended up with a C which is more than I think I deserve, although Leon’s comments confused me a great deal and made me feel as if he hadn’t actually looked through it properly, so I might go have a talk with him about that if I can muster the enthusiasm.

That’s the problem, enthusiasm. I seem to be completely lacking in it for anything lately; really need to sort that out.

Make a Difference

The first assignment for design practice. We had to create a multimedia artefact which would somehow make a difference to society in some way by addressing a social issue.

I chose binge-drinking and targetted it at students and young people, but I’m not at all happy with the result. Having to juggle the imaging assignment at the same time as this and complete both within about 3 weeks just made me feel overworked and harassed. We had of course been told about the assignments beforehand but pretty much only recieved both final versions of the briefs with 3 weeks to go before the deadline. Very frustrating.

Excuses aside, I simply did not put enough thought into my final artefact and, well, it shows.

You can see it all here.

First assignment complete!

The first imaging assignment consisted of 3 parts. We had to create:

  • A quicktime VR panorama
  • A portrait, preferably using the university studio equipment
  • A surrealist image composition of two or more photographs

all embedded in a director movie with a write up.

It was groupwork, and I think I would have quite enjoyed it if not for the tight deadlines and terrible weather/light we had.

I ended up doing the surrealist image composition (as far as I remember) the night before we had to hand it in and I’m actually amazed at how happy I am with it. I’ll upload it when I get the whole thing (in a few days).

UML assignment

This assignment’s actually quite surprisingly and worryingly easy and quick to do. It’s meant to be 15 hours but i’ve done the bulk of the work in less than 2 hours. I still need to create the diagrams and so on, but in essence it seems to be finished. It also seems like it should be a groupwork assignment so you can bounce ideas off each other and create better diagrams.

All very strange.

Interactive toy

We’ve been given a new assignment (actually we were given it ages ago) for interaction. We have to pick an academic area like, say, Biology and pick a specific aspect of biology we find interesting. We’re meant to create something which will give users a chance to play around with that concept/idea and it’s meant to be:

  • small in scope
  • engaging and appealing
  • unusual and creative

It sounds like a pretty fun project.

I’ve been thinking about several academic fields, but I’m currently favouring the idea of light, and by extension colour. This might be too wide a concept though, but I’m not yet decided on how to focus it. Maybe looking at light intensity (ie, colour)? Or refraction and reflection? It’s a tough one. More research needed!