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Those Special Moments

I’ve had another one of those moments where it’s almost as if I can see what I thought to be quite a nice fairly far away boundary of a horizon suddenly lift up and stretch away until it completely disappears.

So, Actionscript can be controlled using javascript, who’d have thought it? I despise both languages, but I’ve had to use quite a lot of them both lately and the possibilities of what I could do with them together seem endless. I love these kind of moments when I really believe I can do anything… That’s what Internet Explorer and bugs are for, to bring us coders and designers back down to earth. Heavens knows what it’d be like otherwise, we’d probably be all so light headed we’d run around with no clothes on and FREEZE TO DEATH.

(Yeah I know probably everyone in the world except me was weaned on fscommand and has done a million things with it already, give me a break I can’t know about everything!)


Today at work, more than ever, it struck me that even the most exciting projects have a heck of a lot of tedious work behind them if they’re going to be GOOD, and if they’re going to make it big. I also understand now, far more than before, how very important it is to work in a team and have intelligent thinking people to have discussions with. Not technical people, not people with a knowledge of whatever field the project is working in, just people who think about the world and about life. [It made me miss you a lot, Dom =)]

I was determined to get a placement because I knew that employers loved them in graduates, but I honestly didn’t really think I’d learn anything new about, say, project management, the importance of ordering thought processes (was it really only a few months ago I favoured a chaotic approach and disdained anyone who suggested otherwise? I have a much more complete view of the picture now, for sure). It’s true though, real experience is worth it’s weight in gold. There’s nothing like a presentation everyone knows you’ve made going up in front of the company and someone spotting a mistake and pointing it out – there’s nothing like sheer embarrassment – for getting you to pay attention to detail. In some strange way, I can deal with a few marks lost because of a mistake, but I can’t deal with intelligent, talented people I respect thinking I’m sloppy. I’ve picked up a lot of technical skills here at Xbridge for sure, and my design eye has refined itself a lot as well, but it’s scary, I actually value the discipline/processes I’ve learned here more than that, which I’m sure just come with time anyway.