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Well I’ve actually been cooking a lot of vegetable based dishes which have turned out much nicer than their meaty counterparts, I must remember to post about the coconut rice with fried sweet potato and salsa, the vegetable burrito with butternut, the stir fries and the fried aubergine in a chickpea flour and tumeric batter and the chickpea curry. Sadly I am too lazy to write out the recipes right now. Lazy and a bit off-kilter because mysteriously for the past three days running now I’ve woken up with the Emerald Hill Zone music from sonic the hedgehog stuck in my head, and it takes hours to shake it out.


Vegetable lasagne recipe


A delicious sea of cheese

In an attempt to document my eating habits and slow descent into madness (possible vegetarianism) I’m going to post veggie things I cook which I think are better than the meaty versions. This was yesterday’s dinner, it took about 40 mins to do the prep and 40 mins to cook. There’s quite a lot of cheese in it but it’s still lighter than the red meat version (and therefore you can eat more of it, so i like it more).  Continue reading