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Oh Digg, those crazy things you do…

Digg: Would you like to read this article on Kevin Rose?
Rukaya: No, I’m good. Unless it contains pictures of him in a state of deshabille of course.
Digg: How about the top 8 reasons girls love geeks?
Rukaya: Ummm, No, I don’t thi-
Digg: Or 25 CSS tips every web designer should use?
Rukaya: Well, I –
Digg [with increasing desperation]: Ok ok, how about some random article involving sex in some way?
Rukaya: Actually, I’ve kinda gotta head off no-
Digg [frantically]: The top 10 reasons Steve Jobs plays on his nintendo while using these 5 design hints on his website which is hosted using these tips which come in some arbitrary bite sized chunks because my readers have the attention span of a very bored gnat?
Rukaya: No! Geez, Digg, you’re kinda boring aren’t you?
Digg: Aha! I just know you’ll be interested in these MOST AMAZING photos which incidentally have been around from the dawn of the internet and aren’t really all that great!
Rukaya [loudly] : NO! God!
Digg [ignoring her and reading from a list]: Ok, the top 10 causes of most of the headaches in America: #1 reading the crap on dig-
Rukaya [with a look of disbelief]: I’m leaving now.