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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Finished TP last night finally! As soon as I finished I felt very sad and at a bit of a loss for about half an hour (those post-game blues… everyone knows them right?) and then I loaded my last save and went and did all the last subquests I’d ignored because I wanted to save princess zelda. Obviously not collecting all the Poes or anything, cus that would just be insane, and not collecting all the bugs either. The final bit of the ending with Midna leaving didn’t really work for me, but I liked watching Link finally get to go home and peacefully herd goats and whatnot.

It’s a great game. Midna’s an awesome character. I want more now but it sucks that games like that take so long to develop.

Edit: It seems that folks on the internet think that Link was riding away from the village, not back home at all, to a new adventure. I could have sworn he was heading the right way back though. Hm…


I got mine over the weekend, and my god it’s beautiful. Beautifully designed, beautiful interface, even the wiimote and nunchuck are beautiful. Tiny but perfect in every way. Zelda almost disappointed me by its similarity to the Ocarina of Time (but of course this didn’t stop me playing it for 10 hours over the weekend, not a bad feat considering I was too hungover to even move all of saturday till about 4). It’s so wonderfully Zelda though, and Wolf!Link is amazing to play as. I don’t know how they’ve managed to make the controls feel more powerful when you’re a wolf, but they did it somehow and it feels so natural.
So yeah, it’s amazing.

Damn you, Broken Sword!

Vilette is languishing on my bedside table. I haven’t vacuumed the front room in over 2 weeks. We have old salad in the fridge which may be harbouring life, and I don’t fold my clothes before I put them in the drawers any more.

Damn you Broken Sword, damn you and your addictiveness.

In other news: being 21 feels no different from being 20, which felt no different from being 19, which felt no different from being 18…

Wii console news

Exciting news! The wii will have software based on the OS platform linux. This has surprised me a bit, but just made me look forward to the release even more. I love nintendo and I think they might just have struck gold with the whole concept and principles underlying the wii. I even like the name, and I know most people absolutely loathe it. It’s quirky and fun and easy to remember and it really does look iconic.

Looking forward to Twilight Princess as well, man that game is gonna rock.